Saturday, April 9, 2011

latest fashion in bangalore features

Fashion is not just for women, and there are good modern clothing styles for men too. Men's clothing can be divided into formal wear for work and casual wear. Office wear for men consists of a three piece or two piece suit in a dark color and good material. Full sleeved shirts in light colors like light blue, cream and white are just perfect as office wear. A neck tie with or without pattern is also an essential part of modern clothing for men. For offices that do not have a very strict dress code and for professionals working in media houses or PR, a more relaxed work wear can be adopted. Stylish blazer or a sports coat worn with trousers or dark hued denims are very popular men's clothing. Always make sure that the cut of trousers and suits that you wear to work is smartly tailored and is in the latest design.
For casual wear, modern clothing styles include denims which are either dark hued or faded with T-shirts. Khaki trousers, shorts and six pocket trousers are all good casual wear for men. A sports coat in a dark color and materials like corduroy, linen, seersucker and cotton are also great choices for casual wear for men. Accessories should be kept to a minimum and good shoes are loafers are absolutely essential.
It has been predicted that 2010 is an exciting year for fashion and as the world comes out of the recession trend, fashion will see a high. The latest fashion trends 2010 have been inspired by the classic styles of yesteryear, with the modern glint of sex and skin. Let us see some of the fashion trends 2010 that awaits the new year. Read more on fashion clothing.
The Spring/Summer 2010 saw a mix of delicate styles with some sporty trends. The latest fashion trends have a touch of the past, yet are outrageous modern in taste. The color tones for this season are neutral shades.The color trend is a bit subtle to balance the print and energy of other fashion trends. The other colors prevalent this season are pinks, blues, browns and you will not believe it, neon green!

The next latest trend in fashion is the knee high and over the heel socks. These are sporty and trendy and add a lot of volume to an outfit. These knee high socks will go well with hot pants and boy shorts. This will really make you look sexy and sweet. Be sure not wear the shorts too short, you do not want to end up with a fashion disaster.
Another twist the 2010 trends in fashion is teaming blazers and vest with shorts and leggings. The big shoulders add to the formally vintage 80's look. You can even add in some leather tunics, metal plating and war paint in your wardrobe to give yourself the modern warrior princess look. You can read more on retro fashion.
Girls who do not like to get into action themselves, can go in for the sexy, sultry look with high dress splits. Flaunt your well toned legs and skin with some elegant drapes and rock the hearts of admirers. You should team up your elegant shift gowns with capes that are hot this season. The 2010 fashion trends have featured feathered skirts and feathered dresses. These skirts include mini-skirts and tiny dresses in neutral tones.
Denim fad is still the latest trend in fashion 2010 and you will find a glance of denim beneath the leather jackets and over sized blazers. Jeans will never be out of fashion and the latest fashion trends 2010 has the distant past back in action. Torn jeans and patches make a comeback and are teamed with military jackets and even a simple white t-shirt.
Say good bye to your skinny pants and say hello to looser pants.The Jodhpurs influenced by horse riding and Zorro, have come on the fashion scene as a fresh day wear option. Those who are inclined towards sports will find the fashion trends 2010 have a lot to offer. The lace-up shorts and v-necks are back with more sexy looking sweat pants. You can wear these to a casual date and not look out of place!
The latest fashion trends 2010 is a bit bold with some revealing styles. The see-through fabric is in fashion that have a combination of soft and feminine look. The latest hairstyles 2010 trends include bunny ear headbands. The oversize headbands like Mickey Mouse ears, Bunny ears give a naughty girl next door look. You should not be wearing these ears on the streets, but you can give it a try in an exclusive naughty date!

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